Fun Events

Everyone likes fun. This is why we have regular fun events. To connect with old friends and make new friends. We hope you (and some friends) join us for a fun event in the near future! 

If you would like more information about any upcomming events please email Jamie Lankford.  


We strive to be a church that ‘grabs a broom’.  We are constantly looking for ways to serve one another and the communities in which we live.  When we become aware of an opportunity to serve, we will try our best to help.  Below you will see opportunities to serve in our communities and also opportunities to serve on Sundays.


We want to partner with our communities and organizations in our communities to make them the best versions of themselves. Below are some of the most recent opportunities to serve in our community. For a full list click here. If you would be willing and available to serve with any of these, please contact Lisa Minn and she will get you connected to the person in charge of each of these serving opportunities. 


It takes all of us working together to make Sundays happen.  Around here, no one is better than anybody, so no task is below anybody.  Church is a team sport - everyone plays.  We want to see people reach their God-given potential because we all bring something unique to the table.  No one is a benchwarmer.  Below are several ways you can serve on Sundays (and maybe even a few ways outside of Sundays). Email us if you are interested in serving in one of these areas.

  • Band

  • Hospitality Teams

  • Prayer Teams

  • Roadies Team

  • SP Kids Team

  • SP Students Team

  • SP Production Team


SouthPointe partners with an organization called Missions of Hope in Nairobi, Kenya. This organization focuses on bringing hope in the Mathare Valley, one of the poorest slums in all of Africa, through education and a process called "Community Health Evangelism." You can help by praying, sponsoring a child, or applying to join us on our next trip. If you'd like more information on being involved with Missions of Hope, click the button below. 

If you are interested in changing the life of a child in Africa, please consider sponsoring a child through Missions of Hope's child sponsorship partner, Christian Missionary Fellowship International (CMFI). When you sponsor a child, you are helping to provide uniforms, meals, medical care, school supplies, and so much more. 

To sponsor a child in the community we support click on the button below then choose KENYA-MoHI for location, and NYAYO school for school. For more information please contact Priscilla Liebenthal.