Why bother? 

Churches and money. Those two words can create a lot of skepticism and hesitancy. Many (maybe even you) have been burned by churches in the area of finances. Deception. Dishonesty. Or just plain poor stewardship.

We understand. We don't want to create any new scars.

Yet, here are a few reasons why we bother with giving. We give because everything belongs to God. Because God is the One who blessed us with the talents, abilities, and opportunities to earn money. We also want to use God's resources for His purposes. We give because we know that He is trustworthy, will provide for us, and because God commands. 

What does SouthPointe gain from my giving?

SouthPointe survives on the generosity of the people of the church. This money not only covers our normal expenses like leases, insurance, and salaries, but it also helps us be generous as a church.

We aim to reveal the generosity of our God by welcoming our first-time guests with gifts, hosting free family events for our community, and by giving big each Christmas.

What financial accountability is in place? 

Here are a few. We have an independent auditor examine our books each year. Money is never handled by only one person, but always in teams of two unrelated people. The lead pastor is not made aware of the amount of any gifts and is unable to sign checks.

Will my contributions be reflected on my annual giving statement? 

Yes. All contributions to SouthPointe will show up on your annual giving statement, which will be mailed to you by January 30th of the new year. 

How do I get help with online giving? 

Please email info@southpointeri.com, and we will be in touch with you within 24 hours.

Can I use a credit or debit card? 

Yes. While we realize credit cards are used by many for convenience, we encourage you to avoid unnecessary debt even when making a financial contribution to SouthPointe.

Do I pay additional fees for giving online?