We believe life is best lived in relationships with other people. Mountaintop experiences are best when shared, and valleys aren’t so low when others travel alongside us. It's so difficult to develop these types of deep relationships, which is why we encourage every person (yes, we're talking to YOU) to get plugged into a small group of people.

Hear first-hand from the Mathers how Rooted helped deepen their faith and put it into practice.

what is rooted?

Many church “small groups” fall into two categories: social outings or a bible studies. Both have value but are limited in actually helping people shape their faith, put it into practice, and take action

This is exactly what Rooted is designed to do. Over the course of 10 weeks, Rooted will seek to facilitate conversations and experiences that will fundamentally change your life.


Each Rooted participant is given a book with short, daily devotions that include Scripture, examples of how those Scriptures might apply to real life, and questions for personal reflection. Participants will read and journal on their own throughout the week. Then, at the weekly group meeting, a leader will facilitate the discussion so everyone can contribute to the degree they feel comfortable.

Each Rooted group creates their own  “Serve Experience.” Groups may choose to help an individual - a neighbor, someone going through a difficult season of life, or elderly community members. Other Rooted groups may choose to help a local organization - one that helps children, veterans, or those fighting addiction. Each group will pick their own “Serve Experience” based on their collective passion.


100% yes. At SouthPointe, our dream is for God to bring together a diverse community. A community where people don’t walk alone through difficult seasons. Where people aren’t stuck living in hurt. Where messy people feel comfortable. Where it’s OK to not be OK. Through Rooted, we will walk this journey - letting go of our strongholds, shaping our faith, and taking action - together.


SouthPointe offers Rooted 3 times per year - in the fall, winter and spring.


Ready to get plugged in or want more information? Drop us a line. Someone from our Leadership Team will get back to you within 24 hours Sunday - Thursday.

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