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we exist so everyone can experience god’s unconditional love.

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We believe you matter to God. It doesn’t matter where you come from or where you’re going: Jesus is the hope we all need. SouthPointe is a place where everyone’s welcome, nobody’s perfect, and anything’s possible.

We share life. We follow Jesus best when we follow Him together. We celebrate each other’s victories and shoulder the load in seasons of struggle. We are simply better together.

We believe church is a team sport. Everyone plays — no one is a benchwarmer. We want to help people reach their God-given potential because we each bring something unique to the table.

We grab a broom. We strive to be a church where people are constantly looking for ways to serve each other and the surrounding community. When we see a need, we meet it.  No one is above anybody, so no task is below anybody.

We celebrate stories. Stories of grace and stories of redemption. We believe the church should throw the best parties because the things we celebrate have an eternal impact. As God moves, let our lives be testimonies of an unshakeable, life-changing God.


I was fortunate to be a part of a small group of very imperfect dreamers who started SouthPointe in 2011. We dreamt of God bringing together a diverse community, where people didn’t walk alone through difficult seasons. Where people weren’t stuck living in hurt from broken relationships. Where nobody fell through the cracks. Our dream was to be a church that welcomed people as they are. Where messy people felt comfortable. A church not just for “church” people.

We started SouthPointe hoping to benefit the community beyond our walls. We wanted to be a church that didn’t just passively exist in this world, but one that helped local non-profits achieve their dreams through partnership, generosity, and service. A church that made a difference. A church of action.

Our hope was that everyone would experience God’s unconditional love.

Now, I’m tempted to Photoshop our story to impress you. I’d love to share only the highlights and to pretend like everything always worked out as we planned, but I won’t. People have slipped through the cracks. Others have been disappointed by SouthPointers or leadership. And, our leadership has given in to thinking small, especially in seasons of discouragement and doubt. These are the very things that still keep me up at night.

But, in spite of us, God is making many our dreams a reality. We’ve had mountaintop experiences serving and benefiting the community. We are a diverse community, that one long-time SouthPointer has described as “an island of misfit toys.” We are people you wouldn’t normally find together, TOGETHER. Tied together by the belief that God not only loves us in our mess, but that He also loves us through our mess. A place where it is truly OK not to be OK.

I love our imperfect church, but I would love it more if YOU were a part of it. No matter who you are or where you’ve come from, we believe our story would be much better with you in it.


Founding and Lead Pastor

Husband to Bethany

Dad to three crazy kids

Pizza and coffee lover

Wannabe Celtic (still waiting on Danny Ainge’s call)

PS — Danny, my number is 401.965.4857

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Church is a team sport. Over 100 people consistently give their time and energy to help others experience God’s unconditional love. Meet a few of our incredible leaders.